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    Asia welcomes worldwide people to indulge in its gorgeous landscapes, old charm wonders, and pulsating cultures. From the lively Tokyo streets to the much famed Great Wall of China, every traveler will find something of his interest in this vast continent. No matter you are shifting, traveling for a business deal or planning a leisure tour, we at European Travels can offer you cheap business class flights to Asia for that ultimate travel without the need to overspend.

    Premier Business class flight to Asia where European Travels offer Discounts

    Reap the benefits of exclusive discounts on business class flights to Asia through an elite choice of airlines namely,

    • Lufthansa Group-Get on board to explore Asia wonders with the renowned Lufthansa Group. The perks of selecting this airline comprise fully flat beds, exquisite dining, entertainment options, priority check-in, and access to elegant lounge.
    • Air France-Indulge in a luxurious tour with Air France that provides features like cozy fully flat beds, restaurant-styled cuisine, extensive entertainment, modern amenities, and personalized service.
    • KLM-Unlock Asia’s marvels with the much famed KLM. Its USPs comprises fully flat beds, delicious gourmet dishes, extensive entertainment, and seamless connectivity.
    • British Airways-With British Airways elevate your tour with sophistication and enjoy premier services like elegant cabins, Club World Suite, exquisite dining, and access to exclusive lounges.
    • Turkish Airlines-get on a flawless trip with Turkish Airlines cultural bridge. Its USP’s comprise Turkish hospitality, award-winning catering, spacious seating, innovative amenities, and access to luxurious lounge.
    • Virgin Atlantic-with Virgin Atlantic experience comfort and style along with alluring features like upper class suites, exquisite dining, personalized service, and entertainment.
    • Qatar Airways-explore the peak of brilliance with Qatar Airways. Its USP’s include award winning service, Qsuite with double bed, diverse menus, multiple entertainment options, and excellent hub connectivity.

    Its Raining Discounts

    We at European Travels provide discounted airfares on business class flights to Asia. Yes you have heard that right. How to avail this? Get in touch with us and share your itinerary and our team will revert with the finest possible deal.


    5 Best Countries
    • Japan, Singapore, South Korea, UAE, India
    5 Best Destinations
    • Kyoto, Seoul,  Prabang, Beijing , Bengaluru
    5 Best Airlines
    • Singapore Airlines, Air India, Japan Airlines  Qatar Airways, Emirates
    5 Best Departure Airports-
    • Singapore Changi Airport, Tokyo Haneda Airport, Bengaluru International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Dubai International Airport
    5 Best Destination Airports
    • Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi, Beijing International Airport, Dubai international Airport, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
    Best Departure Travel Months
    • May, June, December, January, November

    Why Book with European Travels?

    When you book business class flights to Asia with us you can reap the perks of,

    • Multifarious Options
    • Wallet-friendly Airfare
    • Easy Booking
    • Devoted Customer Support


    Asia is blessed with gorgeous places all over and with our business class flights to Asia you can reap its beauty such as,

    Business Class Flight to Singapore-Explore its assorted gastronomy and gorgeous skyline, key attractions like China Town & Little India, and multicultural ambiance.

    Business Class Flight to Vietnam– Reap the perks of delectable street food, incredible landscapes, deep rooted history and serene countryside.

    Business Class Flight to Bali-Enjoy colorful cultural traditions, beautiful beaches, tropical paradise replete with greenery and lush rice terraces.

    Business Class Flight to Cambodia-Observe the Khmer civilization and Angkor Wat temple, enjoy the warm hospitality, and survey the lush jungles.

    Business Class Flight to Sri Lanka–Explore pristine beaches, green tea plantations, deep rooted cultural heritage, ancient ruins as well as warm hospitality

    Business Class Flight to Nepal-Take pleasure in viewing Mount Everest up close, and also indulge in its vibrant cultural heritage, adventure and enlightenment, and spiritual significance.

    Business Class Flight to Thailand-Relish sumptuous cuisines and observe ornate temples and pulsating street life, visit the Grand Palace, and shop at the floating markets.

    Business Class Flight to Malaysia-Visit Kuala Lumpur and the outstanding islands, relish the sumptuous cuisines, and stroll along the pristine rain forests.

    Business Class Flight to Maldives– Enjoy the white-sand beaches, luxurious over-water bungalows, relish delectable cuisines and make the most of Male City.

    Business Class Flight to Bhutan-Explore the land of happiness and indulge in traditional cultural thrive, survey the pristine Himalayan landscape and the Chele La Pass.

    Common FAQs on Business Class Flight to Asia

    Q1. Name the airline that provides premier amenities for business class flights to Asia.

    It is Singapore A380 that provides premier amenities for business class flights to Asia in the likes of delicious meals, access to flat screen, as well as toiletry kits.

    Q2. Name the airlines that offer flatbed seats for flights to Asia.

    Singapore Airlines and Japan Airlines both offer flatbed seats for flights to Asia.

    Q3. Name the airline lounge that offers finest first class amenities for flights to Asia.

    In Japan, Haneda & Narita airports offer finest amenities like game rooms, dining space, and bars while that in China Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport offer good amenities like showers, bedrooms, drinks, & classic food.

    Q4. Name the most famed airline that offer business class flights to Asia.

    Amidst the long list, it is American Airlines that offer business class flights to Asia.

    Q5. Name the airlines that offer business class tickets on flights to Asia.

    • Air Canada • British Airways • United Airlines • American Airlines

    Q6. What is the secret of European Travels to get such lovely deals on business class tickets to Asia?

    European Travels is a leading travel search engine that browses the web to provide users with the best prices.

    Q7. What is the cost of a business class flight to Asia?

    This differs as per the departure airport. However on an average a return trip can cost about $4,247.

    Q8. Name the best airline for business class flights to Asia.

    EVA Air is the best airline for business class flights to Asia.

    Q9. Name the airlines that offer lounge access for business class flights to Asia.

    • Singapore Airlines • Cathay Pacific • Emirates • Qatar Airways

    Q10. Is in-flight entertainment included in business class tickets to Asia?

    Yes, it is included in the likes of games, music or TV shows through seat-back monitors/personal screens.


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