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      While visiting foreign countries is always adventurous, obtaining a visa can be difficult. We recognize the difficulty and effort involved in applying for a visa, particularly for those doing it for the first time. As leading visa consultants, we are experts at making your dreams come true by making your visa documentation process easy. In this field, our commitment to authenticity and transparency is unmatched which sets us apart from our visa consultant provider. Our visa express service encompasses many countries, whether you are looking for a business visa or a travel visa. 

      Being a leading immigration consultant, European travel experts stay updated with the latest visa regulations and policies to ensure that you have the correct visa for the required country. Our visa express service is not just limited to providing visas for different countries but also includes travel-related concerns. Consult with our experienced Visa Consultant experts for trustworthy advice.

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      Visa Assistance for All Countries

      No matter where you want to travel, we offer visa assistance for all countries, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

      100% Visa Success Rate

      We have experience in providing visas with a 100% success rate. You can trust our expertise to get your visa approved.

      End-to-End Visa Assistance

      We have you covered, from the beginning of the visa consultant to its final approval. Our experienced team handles every detail for you.

      Pick and Drop Documents from Your Doorstep

      For all the necessary documents required for the visa, we offer you pick-and-drop services which can save time and effort.

      Safety & Confidentiality

      We prioritize our client’s data privacy and ensure all the data is secure. All your personal information is treated with proper care and confidentiality.

      Best Accommodation Guidance

      After Visa approval, accommodation is important to consider when traveling to a different country. We provide expert advice on finding the best accommodations to suit your needs and budget.

      Different Type of Visa We Offer

      We provide personalized Immigration consultants at every step of the visa process. Below we have put up a list of all available visas for your convenience. Contact us for visa assistance.

      Travel / Tourist Visa

      Are you planning an international trip and feeling stressed about the travel visa? 

      European Travels, a visa travel agency could help you with a tourist visa. Having years of experience in this field, we simplify the process for a travel visa and make your dream to explore the world come true. We are well aware of the complexities of tourist visas, hence our team handles all the paperwork and documentation process smoothly so that you can just focus on your trip. 

      We are well aware that different countries have specific rules and regulations regarding tourists. Our expert visa consultant stays updated with the latest visa laws and regulations to provide you with proper assistance in visa documentation. Our team will guide you throughout the visa process from application submission to visa approval. So connect with our team for travel visa queries and start your adventure to explore the world today. 

      Business Visa

      Searching for a business visa can be daunting. Whether you are going abroad to work in a company, invest in an already–existing enterprise, or start a new business, a business visa is important. We are well aware of the complexity of the business visa and hence provide b1 visa, corporate visa, and company visa so you can have a effortless and easy business trip. Our professionals guide you through various business visa options available, and their eligibility criteria along the application process.

      Our experts not only help you with various visa options but also guide you in each step of the application process starting from understanding your area of interest, to its nomination,  then applying for a visa, to its processing and final grant. Our team provides you with support to tackle the complexity of business visas very smoothly and secure a successful application process.

      Student Visa

      Are you a student and struggling to find a student visa to study abroad? Our student visa consultant experienced team is there to help your dream of studying abroad come true and live and explore that country’s rich culture. You get a study visa consultant who helps you in the selection of relevant courses and pursue education in the most prestigious colleges. 

      Starting from consultation to the final issuing of a visa, we provide complete help. We put out great effort to guarantee a smooth and effective processing of your application and get you an F1 visa. Our student visa service includes a personalized approach ensuring that every client receives the proper attention and support. 

      Do not let the complexity of student visa application process hold you back. Contact us today to start your journey of academic success with confidence and ease.

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      Q.1 What is the full form of VISA?

      The full form of VISA is Visitors International Stay Admission.

      Q.2 Can I extend my tourist visa once I am in the country?

       According to its visa laws, some countries offer visa extensions depending upon requirements.

      Q.3 Is there any specific age required to apply for a visa?

      The age factors depend on the type of visa you are searching for. Even different countries have different age eligibility criteria to apply for specific visas. 

      Q.4 Can I travel to other countries with a visa for one country?

      Some visas, like the Schengen visa, allow travel to multiple countries within a specific region.

      Q.5 Can someone work, if he/she has a student visa?

      Under a student visa, most countries allow students to work. Student can work part-time or full-time during their vacation.

      Q.6 What documents are required for a visa application?

      The documents required for a visa include a valid passport, visa application form, photographs, proof of financial stability, travel itinerary, and other documents as per the country’s visa rules and regulations. 

      Q.7 Which country provides free visas?

      The availability of visa-free travel varies based on the traveler’s nationality.

      Q.8 Is Dubai visa-free for Indians?

      No, Dubai is not visa-free for Indian citizens. However, Indians can easily get visas without facing many difficulties.

      Q.9 What happens when I overstayed my tourist visa?

      Overstay on tourist visas can result in fines, imprisonment, or deportation. It depends on the country’s rules and regulations.

      Q.10 How to apply for a B1 visa?

      You must provide proof of a valid business reason, close ties to your home country, enough money for your stay, and the intention to return after your trip.

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